Botox Training Miami
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Botox Training Miami
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Botox Training Miami Miami, FL
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An amazing day of hands-on training with an experienced instructor.. Make your move. Advance your career and gain the competitive edge you need for success in aesthetics with top-tier Miami Botox training for nurses. This in-person class is unparalleled in quality yet is the most concise Miami nurse injector training you’ll find. And it’s the only one taught by the nation’s leading injectables instructor and featuring practical skills you can put to work right away. Learn dosages, depths, angles and sites as well as important skills in side effect management, marketing what you learn and more.

This Botox and dermal filler training in Miami, Florida is taught by Dr. Howard Katz, a recognized authority in injectables who is also an experienced instructor, researcher and lecturer. Learn from the best in a comfortable, supportive and judgement-free environment where nurses are respected and appreciated.

Dr Katz

You could select another injectables training company, but why worry about quality? We offer training that fits your needs and is the best for nurses for a range of reasons. Take a look at 5 of the positive quality that set this Florida Botox and filler training apart and help you unlock success in injectables:

Complete training in just one day.

One of the most common reasons for choosing this Miami nurse aesthetic training program is that it’s valuable, concise training in only one day. Other courses may take days or weeks. We know you have commitments, so we don’t waste your time or disrespect the knowledge you’ve already acquired. We offer lecture, discussion and hands-on training in the most important injectables skills.

The nation’s best Botox and filler instructor.

Our Miami Botox training for nurses is positively regarded and well-liked largely because of our instructor, Dr. Howard Katz, who is also our company’s founder. Additionally, he’s a gifted speaker around the world, a respected researcher who is named on injectable product patent applications and, actually, a fun and interesting guy to know. When you train with us, you benefit from his 40+ years of experience in the medical and dental field.

Training on a real patient.

Train on someone you know and trust by bringing your own practice patient to our Miami nurse injector training program. You may choose to bring another nurse who is considering certification at a later time, a friend or other colleague. Dr. Katz will closely monitor you as you inject using his techniques with either real Botox or saline. If you prefer, you can inject on a simulated-skin manikin for the same experience.

No worries about travel.

Travel isn’t always fun anymore – and it can extend the time you must be off work for a course. We’ve designed this class for convenience to those who live in and around Miami. Our Botox certification for nurses in Miami is located in a comfortable, clean training environment that you can easily reach without the hassles of today’s travel complexities. You don’t have to put up with travel stress to get the valuable injectables training you need to nudge forward your career

Satisfaction always guaranteed.

Even though our Miami nurse injector training satisfies most attendees, we understand that some people may not find it appropriate for their needs. If you sign up and attend but don’t like the class, speak with us before the first break on the day. We’ll give you a full refund, if that’s what you want. We also provide this guarantee of the lowest price: If you find that we offer the same seminar for less within 30 days, reach out to us for a refund of the difference.


• Dermal filler training, the DentoX LIFT nonsurgical facelift and quick, patient-satisfying nerve blocking training
• Marketing basics to help put your new skills to work
• 10 hours CE credit for the class and 8 for free online refreshers, for a total of 18 hours CE credit
• And much more.


This is the best course for advancing your career in aesthetics. You won’t find a more complete, concise or informative option in Miami Botox training for nurses. In just one day, we can help you with the next step in a journey you started years ago. A typical pathway to this course includes:

• Getting a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree
• Taking the NCLEX-RN licensing exam
• Learning at an aesthetics practice as a low-level employee or intern
• And then taking our Botox training for certification.

Nursing is a challenging career, but aesthetic nursing can be a simple and rewarding path that may help you avoid some of the potential pitfalls of working as a nurse. Our training provides a skill that gives you an edge over other nurses in advancing an aesthetics career. You may find aesthetics appealing because:

• It is often less stressful than dealing with injured or sick patients
• It sometimes involves better working hours than other nursing positions
• Emergencies are rare
• Work is usually in an office or clinic, not in a hospital.


Make time in your schedule for this one day of training and get skills that will serve you for a lifetime – setting you apart from other nurses and opening doors to jobs for which others aren’t qualified. This injectables class is convenient, concise, practical and has the best instructor in the industry.

Don’t travel or put up with longer programs. Our Miami nurse injector training is the right pick when you want skills, not hassles or time-wasting. Secure your spot now.


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