Botox Training Miami
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Botox Training Miami
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Botox Training Miami Miami, FL
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Quick and concise practical training from a respected dentist-instructor.. The choice is yours: Keep up or let your competition get ahead of you. Turn to us when seeking Botox courses for dentists in Miami that you can rely on for quick, quality instruction. Get the training you need in Botox, dermal fillers and more – in-person, in a single day and in a location that’s convenient for you.

Our company was founded by a dentist, and he leads every class himself. And he’s not just any dentist: He’s Dr. Howard Katz, a respected instructor, lecturer, researcher and practicing dentist with more than 40 years of experience. No other injectables class for dentists has Dr. Katz.

When you select our class instead of one of the others you may have found while searching for Botox and filler training near me, you can train close to home, avoiding travel hassles and limit your time away from your practice. We provide training you can trust and skills you can put to work enhancing your bottom line by drawing in and better satisfying patients.

Dr Katz

There are other injectables courses, but most aren’t right for dentists looking to enhance their skills and their practices. Our Miami Botox and filler certification for dentists is a course you can trust – a program you’ll like and enjoy. It’s also different from most other seminars in a number of ways, including these:


No other injectables training program is led by Dr. Howard Katz, our company’s founder and our trainer for every course we teach. In addition to his deep and wide training experience, he’s also the only researcher who is named on the patents for both Botox and the anesthetic reversal agent Oraverse.

Dental uses.

Some Botox and filler courses that you might find when searching for Botox and filler training near me don’t spend much (or any) time on dental uses of injectables. We include training on Botox for migraine pain and TMD relief. You’ll find that remarkable results are possible with dental Botox.

Efficient, time-sensitive instruction.

We understand that medical professionals have a baseline knowledge of the face and neck, and that’s especially true about dentists. So we don’t delve deep into theory or anatomy. Instead, we cut the fluff and background material and focus on depths, dosages, angles, side effects and other details you can use, including how to market your skills.

Always improving content.

We have a remarkable history of successfully training dentists in injectables. Because we’ve worked with and kept in touch with so many dentists and other medical professionals, we can share with you what’s worked for them. Plus, we explain the latest industry insights and the most recent discoveries by Dr. Katz for an always-improving class unlike any other.

The stunning DentoX LIFT.

This nonsurgical facelift technique is exclusive to our company because it was developed by Dr. Katz. It alone is reason enough to train with us. Using dermal filler injections in a revolutionary and innovative way you might not have otherwise considered, you can provide life-changing results in a few minutes that rival the look of a facelift and last for several months.

Satisfaction always guaranteed.

If you don’t find that this Miami Botox and filler certification for dentists is right for you, speak with us during the class before the first break. No matter your reason for dissatisfaction, we’ll provide you a full refund. In addition, if you complete your training with us and notice us offering it for a lower price within 30 days, just contact us and we’ll refund the difference.

Plenty of CE credit.

Our Miami Botox and filler training for dentists offers 10 hours CE credit for the in-person class plus 8 hours credit if you choose to also view online recorded content. With this offer, you get 18 hours credit for this program.

A great class with exclusive training. The nation’s best injectables trainer. One convenient day. What more do you need?

Regulations vary from state to state regarding whether dentists are allowed to do Botox and dermal filler injections. In Florida, dentists can prescribe medications as allowed by law, perform procedures that are part of dental practice as long as they have training, administer anesthesia or sedation within legal limits and use whatever is necessary for proper dentistry practice.

To put it another way, Florida regulations do not limit the way a dentist practices other than to require safety, treatments within the normal standard of care and training in whatever procedures they do. Practice should be limited to the face and neck. (This is general information, and it could change or require clarification depending on your circumstances.)

If you move your practice to a different state, different rules may apply because there’s no nationwide standard.

This much you can feel sure about no matter where you go: To do safe and aesthetically pleasing injectables work for your clients, you must have top-tier training. Our course fits the bill.

You can get practical training in Botox and dermal fillers from a dentist here in Miami – and get the skills you need to catch up with competing dentists and avoid being left in the dark ages. Trust us for Botox and filler certification for dentists in Miami and the surrounding area who want to gain or improve their injectables skills.

Sign up right away for a Miami Botox and dermal filler course for dentists who know they need new skills to get ahead. Our one-day program is close to home and taught by the most deeply experienced and widely recognized instructor in the industry. Register now and avoid disappointment.

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