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Botox Training Miami
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Botox Training Miami Miami, FL
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Botox Training

Respected medical professional, instructor and innovator Dr. Howard Katz – perhaps the leading name in injectables training – now offers hands-on live Botox training in Miami. Wouldn’t it be great to get your training from an instructor who is also an expert researcher actually named on patient applications for Botulinum Toxin products? If you’re in the Miami area, that’s possible – without travel expenses or lost income from having to be away from your patients. Doctors, dentists and other medical pros in Florida, keep reading.

In Miami, you can now get world-class training with Botox certification that will allow you to begin offering injectables services and grow your practice. Give your patient list and your bottom line a boost now – with Botox Training Miami.

Dr. Katz believes that injectables training has become too complicated. That’s why he developed and began teaching a simpler way of providing effective Botox and dermal fillers treatment – and he continues to refine his system with each class he presents, always focusing on the latest techniques. In fact, he’s always been an innovator. That’s how his name came to be on the patents for a range of aesthetic products and treatment techniques in use today. In addition to his involvement with Botox, Dysport and Xeomin, he has worked in other ways with Allergan Medicis and Prollenium and has headed research that resulted in advancements that are now common practice in dental and medical practices. Additionally, he has taught and spoken at many universities and in other nations, including across Europe and in Saudi Arabia and South Africa. When you train with us, you train with the incredible mind and diverse experience of Dr. Katz.

Dr Katz

Botox Training Miami offers unique, simplified training from a pioneering instructor who has developed exclusive ways of teaching Botox and fillers through many years of experience. Other training programs are often based on his innovations, whether they credit him or not. Thousands of successful Botox clinics and offices are the result of training with Dr. Katz. And he’s still working on new research, which he incorporates into his seminars. When you participate in this Botox training program in Miami, you learn aesthetics as well as Botox for therapeutic purposes, including to treat cervical dystonia, hyperhidrosis, depression, TMD and more. Plus, you’ll leave the class fully versed in side effects and how to avoid and correct them. There’s also a wealth of strategies, tips and advice not included in other Botox training that will save wasted products and help you succeed faster. There’s even a section on marketing techniques to help you develop a successful Florida Botox business right away.

Also included in this training is the now-famous, exclusive DentoX LIFT procedure – allowing students like you to create aesthetic improvements at the jawline and on the cheekbones with the use of only injectables and in 30 minutes without surgery of any kind.

Dr Katz

It’s a single day. Just one day. Botox Training Miami provides an intensive program that’s packed with hands-on training, close personal attention from Dr. Katz and a wide array of techniques that will allow you to get into offering injectables right away. This day of training provides comprehensive insights into Botox plus fillers and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy too. That’s three full modules of training in a single day. This intensive seminar is unique and something no one else is offering. That’s why it’s so popular that it often sells out. Make sure you get a space this time by booking now.


We admit that we cover a lot for a single day – because we don’t waste time. Dr. Katz has simplified the training process by stripping away theory and other non-practical details that you can find online later if you’re interested.

We place a substantial emphasis on the practical, technical knowledge you need to administer Botox and related injectables to patients safely and on how to get them interested in having the procedures in the first place. When you train with us, you learn the distinct uses of FDA-approved injectables including Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin and practical information about the right ways to injecting Botox, fillers and PRP along with how to use these products to enhance facial aesthetics in ways never dreamed of before.

Our Botox and dermal filler training in Miami includes patient-satisfying nerve blocking training, developed exclusively by Dr. Katz. Use nerve blocking to provide painless filler injections with no distortion or side effects. Our short, fine needles make bypassing the injection site or causing other damage nearly impossible. Numb in seconds for results that wear off in minutes, plenty of time to do the filler injections and move on. Everyone saves time while you save money over fillers with built-in anesthetics.

Our single-day exhaustive program in Miami isn’t like anything else you’ll find in the marketplace. We provide hands-on training in real-world skills that you can put to work at your practice immediately since you will have thoroughly practiced your techniques while at the seminar on a live patient. That’s hands-on education from a leading instructor, live practice and plenty of time for questions, tips and advice – in a single intensive day of training.

But that’s not all that Dr. Katz teaches you. In addition to the skills themselves, he offers proven details on how to quickly get started in injectables after your Miami Botox class using the sales and marketing techniques he provides. Dr. Katz has been teaching these classes for years and has surveyed hundreds of his most successful clients to find out their best advice for selling injectables treatments – and he shares their secrets for success, another Botox Training Miami exclusive.

When you attend this day of training in Florida, you receive up to 18 hours of Continuing Education credit – that’s 10 hours for attending the live, hands-on training and FREE access to 8 hours of online training and 8 CEs from Dentox online training, normally $1,398 if purchased. That means you get nearly double the credit you get from other single-day courses, and those 8 hours of online training serve as a refresher course whenever you need it.

Dr Katz Training

We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with your training from Botox Training Miami. To prove it, if you don’t feel right about this live hands-on course, tell us about it before the first break and will give you all your money back. Additionally, if you find a lower price for this course within 30 days, we’ll refund the difference between that price and what you paid. We want you to be fully satisfied with our pricing and our course.

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