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Botox and Heavy Brows

When going in for a Botox treatment people generally expect a lift especially after your body has healed from the injection but the sad truth is that sometimes that doesn’t happen. You could actually have a side effect from it that causes your eyebrows to droop down. Sometimes too much Botox can cause this effect and I don’t mean by multiple doses I mean after one injection it may have been a bit too much and caused the heavy brow; however it can be caused by multiple injections of Botox.

The scientific term is called Brow Ptosis and doctors suggest that it will wear off in a bit but I want to warn you that isn’t always the case. Often times the brow can be very swollen and in turn cause pain. Other times the skin of your brow can hang down over your eyes affecting your vision. Something that was made to relieve you of your wrinkles can take a turn and cause your eye brows to droop greatly. This can be very embarrassing. Normally this occurs when getting the Botox injected into the forehead to remove the wrinkles that are occurring there due to aging. This particular injection causes the droopy brow or heavy brow. Above each of your eyebrows is a muscle that controls each brow. When getting Botox it can paralyze that muscle causing you to loose function and control. At this time the brow muscle will relax so greatly that it causes the skin around it to droop down creating a heavy brow. Another thing that can happen is not both but a single brow can drop at a time also.

Drooping eyelids seem to be the biggest complaint when getting Botox injections so it isn’t very uncommon. In most cases the eyelid drooping isn’t commonly eyelid ptosis although at times and in certain patients it can be. Most people have a habit of raising their brows weather you realize you’re doing it or not it is a thing and well when you get the Botox injection in the forehead you do not realize it but your still trying to lift your brows out of habit and this can make it feel like the eyebrows are really heavy because your muscles above the eyebrows have now been temporarily paralyzed causing them not being able to work that great. That can be a plus if that is what’s happening versus the true eye ptosis. Even when you’re not getting the Botox injected into theses muscles above the eye it can still occur by the Botox spreading to that muscle anyways. Often times when true eye ptosis occurs it can make it where you cannot even open that eye. It is recommended to call a doctor immediately if you have any trouble with your eyes after a Botox injection. This article was not meant to treat or prevent but merely just to give out some information.

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