Matthew Odom, MD | Live Botox Training Course

“I’m Matt Odom, I’m a family physician from Gainesville Florida, I found Dr. Katz’s program to be extremely informative. I felt like I did a pretty good job of researching programs before selecting to come to Dentox. Just from the reviews online, his experience with the procedures and the material, made it seem like it was a good choice to come out. After spending the day here in the intensive program, I’m certain that I made the right decision. He was able to distill 20+ years of experience with these procedures into a day of didactics and practical, made it very easy to understand, and not painstaking at all though the process. So I would certainly recommend doing it, I’m going to have my staff come out as well hopefully in the next year or so for the live program. Thanks.”

– Dr. Matthew Odom, MD

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