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Botox and Drooling

There is actually a treatment where doctors use Botox to treat drooling but what if you don’t have that problem and just want Botox and it then causes drooling? I want to just give a small bit of information on this particular side effect of Botox. When going in for a Botox treatment the last thing you expect is to be drooling all over yourself. During the first day if you got Botox in you jaw then I would say that is expected but for days and days afterward that could pose and issue and it is a real issue for many people who go to get Botox done. The last thing they expected was this kind of side effect to last.

With the drooling it can accompany difficulty sipping a straw or even making certain sounds in your speech. It can also be difficult to smoke if you do so. The muscles around your mouth were created to control these functions including the drooling. So when you get an injection of Botox into the muscles surrounding the jaw it can indeed paralyze them to where they cannot function properly. It can also soften the lips to where your body just doesn’t know or cannot hold the saliva in your mouth after a Botox injection. It can be caused by too much Botox being injected into the muscles in your jaw also.

Muscle Atrophy

Another thing that could be causing the drooling after Botox injection would be muscle atrophy. The medical definition of muscle atrophy is when the muscle mass actually decreases. Well Botox does cause paralysis of the muscle so this can be a common thing. The ability to exert force causes the mass in your muscles. When your muscles are temporarily out of use due to a Botox injection this can cause them to weaken greatly and the effects of drooling can continue on especially without treatment. Another common thing that happens after Botox with the drooling is that it can cause trouble brushing your teeth. I know it sounds like I went in a different direction with that last sentence but indeed I did not. The lack of muscle use can even make it difficult to perform such small tasks you do on a regular basis. Basically after a Botox injection and even days and days afterward it can paralyze your lips to where you can’t even smile and with that accompanies the drooling.

People pay such an enormous price for Botox and then turn around and have these side effects. Patients are often left wondering what to do and I am certain being embarrassed by the outcome of it all. In turn that can leave you paying even more money to fix what the side effects of Botox did cause. That is if it can be fixed. Sadly Botox does cause drooling, for some it lasts just a little while, for others it can be an ongoing side effect. This article was meant to give you a fore warning or even just a small bit of information about Botox and the effects of drooling. I hope it helped.

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